Kennel Services


We have three separate complexes.

Creature Comforts caters to the special needs of toy dogs that are often overlooked by alot of commercial kennels, focusing on peaceful environment for stress free boarding. Here we think it is important to have the regular small dogs i.e Jack Russells, Foxies, Corgis etc separate from the toys. Toys can be delicate and have different needs to other small dogs.

Our fun loving small dog complex means that your small dog can safely have fun without the worry of large dogs interfering with their play.

Our Small Dog Complex has been fully renovated in 2013. All units in the Small Dogs Complex are completely inside, fully insulated and heated in the winter. Air conditioned in the summer. The building is sound proofed so dogs staying in this building will not be disturbed by outside noises i.e thunder or rain.

Even though it is one complex we have a few difference social groups here.
They range from Ladies In Lavender (older quiet dogs who want to lay around and watch the world go by) to the total delinquent (dogs who come to have as much fun as they can fit into a day). We also cater for the dog who might not have good social skills with other dogs.

All dogs are housed individually unless they come in with their doggie brother or sister. Our dog units are very large and roomy. Our dogs sleep on hammock type beds and also have drybed (synthetic sheepskin) on their beds at night in the winter months. Smaller dogs can also have round plush beds to snuggle into. All units are draft free at night so the dogs are nice and warm.
Our doggie friends get up to 7 hours per day of outside supervised playtime. If your dog is social then we will find a couple of friends that your dog will have fun with. Our aim is to make every dogs stay a safe, enjoyable and comfortable one.


We try to cater as closely to the home diet as possible. We have a large range of dry food. Our main dry foods are Blackhawk, Royal Canin, Orijen/Acana, Hills Science Diet, Purina One and Pedigree. We also have single sachets/tins, dog roll, chicken frames and chicken necks.

Raw and Cooked Diets – We are happy to feed raw and cooked diets but dogs are required to bring their own food. If your dog is fed on a cooked or raw diet we prefer that you make up enough pre-packaged meals to last your pets stay. We have plenty of fridge and freezer space for Raw or cooked diets

If your dog is on a prescription diet you will also need to provide this.

If your dog is on a brand of food that we don’t normally have please inform us before your stay.


All dogs are bathed before going home. If you require a professional groomer we can arrange this (at your expense) We do however need plenty of notice to arrange this.

Daily Rates (effective 1st of February 2021)

Toy Dogs
(i.e. Chihuahua, Smaller Bichons, Toy poodles, Shitzus etc) – $25.00 off peak*, $27.00 peak**
Small/Medium dogs
(i.e.. Beagle, Cocker Spaniels, Foxie, Cavoodles, Whippets, etc) $27.00 off peak*, $30.00 peak**
Medium Plus Dogs
(i.e Staffis, Small Staffi x, Bull Terriers, Small Heelers, etc) $29.00 off peak*, $32.00 peak**
Large dogs
(i.e.. Large Staffi x, Labradors, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Pointers etc) $31.00 off peak*, $35.00 peak**
Ex Large dogs
(i.e. Danes, St Bernard, Mastiffs etc) $34.00 off peak*, $37.00 peak**

Bitches in season
An addition $5.00 daily charge to cover cleaning etc.

*Off Peak – Not school holidays, long weekends or public holidays
**Peak – School holidays, long weekends and public holidays

All pets leaving us in the morning shift (8am to 9.30am) will not be charged for that day.
All pets leaving us in the afternoon shift (3pm to 5.30pm) will be charged for that day.

A $5.00 surcharge is charged on Public Holidays.

All prices are GST inclusive

These rates are applicable from the 1st of February 2021

PLEASE ASK ABOUT DISCOUNTED RATES FOR LONG TERM (over 3 weeks). Note: not applicable over the Christmas & New Year holiday period.

We DO NOT charge extra for administering medications, playing games with the dogs or bathing dogs that are staying with us. We also do not charge extra for entire males.

Vaccination Requirements

All dogs require:
4 in 1 vaccination – i.e. – DHPPI, Vanguard 5, Canvac 4, Protech C4 and Da2p+CPV
Kennel cough – separate vaccination
Leptospirosis – separate vaccination

NO pet will be admitted without confirmation from a veterinarian of the vaccination being completed in full. IMPORTANT – All vaccinations must have been completed over 10 days prior to admission and must not be due to expire within 1 month of leaving us.5(i.e Staffis, Small Staffi x, Bull Terriers, Small Heelers, etc) $29.00 off peak*, $32.00 peak**

Creature Comforts Pet Resort
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