Your pet’s stay

Preparing to stay with us

  • Flea treatment
    Do you need to update your pet’s flea control before it’s stay?
  • Worm treatment
    Was your pet wormed in the past 2 months – if it is needing to be done please do so 3-4 days prior to your pets visit with us.

Checklist within 2 days before your pets stay – assemble your check-in essentials:

  • Up to date Vaccination cards.
  • A carry cage for pussy cat or leash for your pooch.
  • All pets must be restrained when entering our premises.
  • Any medications, ensure you have sufficient amount of your pets medication for their stay with us and that it is labelled correctly.
  • Prescription or special diets, if you are supplying a special diet please ensure you have sufficient amounts and that your feeding instructions are written down clearly for us.
  • Bedding – We provide plush, comfortable and very supportive bedding. All of our bedding is washed and changed daily.
  • Your Itinerary and contact details in the unlikely event it should be necessary to contact you.
  • An alternative emergency name and number for our records.
  • Update us of any pertinent medical information, seizures, allergies, lameness or other special health concerns.

Day of Arrival

  • Make sure you have the vaccination card.
  • Please do not feed your pet before arriving at the Resort they will be given a meal soon after their arrival with us.
  • Please do not give special treats. This is an exciting time for your pet. We do not want to cause any stomach upsets.

Opening Hours

8am – 9.30am
3pm – 5.30pm

Times for Dropping off and Picking up

  • 8am – 9.30am
  • 3pm – 5.30pm


Due to issues around covid and that we are completely contactless handover we will not be allowing inspections for the foreseeable future. We thank you for your understanding.

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Conditions of Stay

All charges are based on a calendar day or part thereof, the full daily rate is charged for every day the pet is here. If the pet is uplifted from “CREATURE COMFORTS Pet Resort” prior to 9.30am on the due departure date, no charge is made for boarding on that day. All accounts MUST be paid upon collection of pets and if the stay is for over 1 month then half must be paid upon admission.

Management practices and facility standards are to a very high professional standard. Therefore although all care and expertise will be given to your pet we do not accept any responsibility for illness, injury, or loss for any reason whatsoever.

NO pet will be admitted without confirmation from a veterinarian of the vaccination being completed in full. All vaccinations must not have been given in the 10 days prior to entering our establishment and must not be expiring within 1 month of leaving us.

Management reserves the right to call a veterinarian at the owners expense where necessary. Emergencies WILL be taken to the local veterinarian. All efforts are made to contact owners in case of an emergency.

There is a $5 surcharge/per pet on public holidays; this is to help with the extra staffing that is required.

We provide a high quality service adapted and personalized to the individual needs of our guests. You will be able to leave with peace of mind, knowing that your companion is also on vacation.

Creature Comforts Pet Resort
149 Taylor Road

Phone: (09) 411-8343
Mobile: (0275) 486-452