Cattery Services

Our cattery consists of two lounges, a courtyard and the unit room. Each cat has their own individual unit at night and the run of the cattery during the day. It is a very laid back and relaxed atmosphere. The cattery suits all personalities of cats. Whether they want to relax in the sun, lounge on one of the cane lounges suits or watch the fish in the aquarium. It is a home away from home. Even though there is kennels on the property, when you are in the cattery you cannot hear the dogs. The cattery is nice and airy in the summer and heated in the winter. We do have a separate Suite for cats that need to be away from other cats.

We try to cater as closely to the home diet as possible. We have a large range of dry food. Our main dry foods are Iams, Royal Canin, NutraGold, Hills Science Diet and Purina One. We also have single sachets, fancy feast and dine. If your cat is on a prescription diet you will also need to provide this. If your cat is on a brand of food that we don’t normally have please inform us before your stay and we will endeavour to get it in. Each cat is fed separately in their own unit, so no food is shared.

We brush all the cats regularly. If a cat is prone to knots they are brushed more often at no extra charge.

Daily Rates
Off peak* – $13.00 per day
Peak** – $14.50 per day

All pets leaving us in the morning shift (8am to 9.30am) will not be charged for that day.
All pets leaving us in the afternoon shift (3pm to 5.30pm) will be charged for that day.

*Off Peak – Not school holidays, long weekends or public holidays
**Peak – School holidays, long weekends and public holidays

A $5.00 surcharge is charged on Public Holidays.

We do not charge extra for administering medications or brushing cats that are staying with us.

All prices are GST inclusive
These rates are applicable from the 1st of February 2014
We do not accept adult entire male cats.

All cats require:
3 in 1 vaccination – ie: “CVRP”, “FCVRP”, F3, Felocell3

NO pet will be admitted without confirmation from a veterinarian of the vaccination being completed in full. All vaccinations must have been completed over 10 days prior to entering our establishment and must not be expiring within 1 month of leaving us.

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